Yingying Yu

​Undergraduate Student
Department of ​Software Engineering
Shandong University

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Short Bio

​I am currently a senoir in SDU, under the supervison from Prof. Leyi Wei.

My research interest lies in deep learning and machine learning with applications for DNA , RNA and Protein analysis.

  • [2022-03] Accept PhD offer funded by CityU, supervised by Prof.Shuaicheng Li
  • [2022-03] I'm thrilled to be a part of the Biomap AIT (Peptide Aggregation) group.
  • [2022-02] I am very glad that junru's first article Mouse4mC-BGRU was accepted by Methods and participated in
  • [2021-10] My first paper was accepted by Bioinformatics
  • [2021-07] I am very glad to join the NLU department of NIOas an intern and explore the application of deep learning algorithm
  • [2021-05] I am delighted to win the 17th Shandong Challenge Cup grand prize and be reported
  • [2020-10] Join WeiLab, supervised by Prof.Leyi Wei
Selected Publications


Bioinformatics, 2021

we further established an online webserver as the implementation of the proposed iDNA-ABT to identify DNA mrthylation sites.

- Love Food, Travelling, Cooking
- Born and living in Shanghai(PuTuo)
- I currently live in Jiansu(NanTong),Shanghai(JiaDing) Shandong(JiNan), Beijing(WangJing), Beijing (HaiDian)
- Used to be Vice President of Sharingidea 山软智库

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